Paso Robles

“At Four Bridges Wines, we believe that wine can make the world a better place.”

~ Tim & Michelle Bridges

family on horses

We created Four Bridges Wines driven by the idea that wine should satisfy your palate and your soul. We like to think of it as Wine with Purpose.




Our Philosophy

Our family vision is to bring exceptional wines to you that are also instruments of giving. The journey began with our immediate family of our four children.  But, as we all know, “family” extends beyond biology. We have been lucky enough to gain extended “family” collaborators in the making of Four Bridges Wines. Still at the heart of it, the personality of Four Bridges Wines is driven from the complex, bold, sassy, determined and thoughtful personalities in our family. This rich mixture drove the design of our wines from selection of the Rhone varietals (plus one), to the districts that are nationally known as the best for these varietals, to the minimalistic winemaking processes that include the use of elegant French and American Oak. We are very proud to put these wines on our family table to represent our family brand.

To be exceptional we felt our wine varietals must stand out. It is for this reason our first vintage is based on the Rhone varietals of Syrah, Petite Sirah and Grenache. We added in Tannat as a pleasant surprise to those who know little of this growing bold varietal. The vineyards in Paso Robles were selected to maximize the unique varietals personality. These were specifically chosen out of Willow Creek, Templeton Gap and Adelaide districts. We believe that each of the varietals and blend brings as unique a personality as each of our family.

Our wines are exceptional, and we think you’ll agree. Every bottle of Four Bridges Wines connects you with the wines that we love so much and the social causes that our family and our customers care about. A portion of the proceeds from every bottle of Four Bridges Wines is donated to a special cause that’s important to us and our customers. For us, it’s the perfect embodiment of our family: where wine and purpose meet.

We invite you to join our wine family circle. Taste the outstanding varietals that are making the unique districts so famous for discerning wine palettes. Join us and play a role in helping give back to some important causes from across the country too.