We established Four Bridges Wines with a couple simple goals. First, to produce a set of wines that our customers would consider as “one of the best” they have experienced. Second, to make it a family driven venture, and third, to give back proceeds to deserving causes. While setting out on the goal of producing some of the best in class varietals, it was clear we needed to find experienced winemakers instead of learning on our own.

We were lucky enough to know Nate Hasper for over 25 years as a family friend. In turn, we met Steve Lemely and Joey Perry as part of the trio that has driven Pulchella Wines since 2006. With more than forty years of combined winemaking experience, the team combines a deep knowledge of modern techniques with the finesse and feel one only acquires through firsthand experience with multiple vintages, varietals and blends. With an almost fanatical approach, they work to push the fruit to the absolute limits for maximum flavor and color extraction, while retaining each variety’s nuances and subtleties.

After completing studies at UC Davis’s program, it was clear that experience trumps all in the art and science of winemaking. We set upon a design together that included the selection of varietals that were unique and challenging to produce, we then hand selected the vineyards in the Paso Robles area that would bring the high end results we desired. Included in the wine making approach was the experience had by the trio in creating minimally invasive processes to allow and enable tastes created by mother nature. We are very proud of the relationship with Nate, Steve and Joey as the experienced wine artisans behind Four Bridges.

Like many families, each person has their own busy paths they undertake as they mature and the children leave the nest. As a family, we enjoy and have a passion in the enjoyment of wine. We began the journey with the idea that Four Bridges would be a conduit for common family collaboration on a shared journey.

Each of us has brought our unique passions and talents to Four Bridges and the results that you will experience. No two families are alike and we are no exception. From the edgy creativity on platforms such as Tik Tok, to understanding the strength of social media, artistic flairs, photography and food/wine pairing and technical website know how, each us has brought a piece of themselves to Four Bridges Wines. It has been an enriching and bonding experience that has enabled a unique approach to producing and selling Four Bridges wines.

A funny thing happened along our journey with our immediate family: you find that “family” has a broader definition. We found many of our friends contributing as “family” members in ways that were unique to their passions and skill sets. These included sourcing scarce bottle/glass supplies, trademark research and filing, winemaking, website expertise and marketing design and development. Many thanks to our extended Bridges Family for the irreplicable contributions the many have made.