For those new to the Syrah varietal wine, we are going to take you on a progressive learning journey of Syrah. The series will be bite size nuggets you can use to amaze and impress or use to expand your wine horizons. We give our overview as an introduction to this unique varietal.

What are Popular Regions for Syrah?

While Syrah is grown all over the world the three regions most popular are:

Rhone, France – The origin! Some of the most expensive wines in the world are Syrah’s from Hermitage, Saint-Joseph and Cote Rotie. These tend to be more acidic and earthy styles of Syrah. Referred to as “Old World” style of Syrah. BTW, varietals such as Syrah, are not on French labels – they are by region. Ouch!: 2010 Pierre-Gonon

Barossa Valley, Australia – It called Shiraz! down under. It is one of the most widely planted grapes in the area. These tend to be more fruit driven than the Rhone grown Syrah. Some of the best value Shiraz’s come from Australia.

United States – Walla Walla and Paso Robles Willow Creek –  Walla Walla is home to some of the US’s great and most expensive Syrah’s (Cayuse Bionic Frog is a favorite). Paso Robles and specifically the Willow Creek District is fast becoming an equal to Walla Walla in brands such as Saxum, Booker, EPOCH and Four Bridges.

What are Unique Characteristics of Syrah?

Profile: Blueberry, Black Plum, Chocolate, Tobacco, Peppercorn are most common

Aging: Bold and Complex as a young wine, softens (and becomes expensive) when aged. Some not all, can Cellar for more than 10 years.

Pairing: Rich Red meats, Rich Italian Dishes, Indian Dishes, Wild Game, Sharp Cheeses, Dark Chocolate.

Wow!! Mouth watering just thinking about this, gotta go! Thank you for starting your learning journey of Syrah with us. Stay tuned for our other Varietal Series as well as the next Syrah learning post.